I’ve been an engineer for more than 30 years, primarily in software engineering, but
I also do electrical engineering, some mechanical engineering, and I’m a pretty
good machinist. As much as possible, the projects here will be rigorously
engineered, with requirements, specifications, and testing. My grand plan is to
eventually create videos, and who knows? Someday you might see me on TV, or

As a software engineer, I absolutely hate the C and C++ languages. I much prefer to use the Ada language. I will only use C/C++ if someone pays me. Lots of money. Huge amounts of money. Absolutely stupendous amounts of money, or at least enough to pay the mortgage and support my family. However, as a consultant, I must frequently use C/C++, which should give you some idea of the whore-like nature of my existence. Robert A. Heinlein once wrote, “Daughters can spend ten percent more than a man can make in any usual occupation.” I have two daughters.

As much as possible, I will try to use inexpensive software tools, so others may follow along, hopefully building and improving upon my creations. This will no doubt lead to a certain amount of frustration on my part, because I really like using SolidWorks for mechanical design, but few people can afford to shell out $4000 for their own copy. The same goes for OrCad when it comes to electronic design. However, in some cases where I’m pressed for time, I will use the expensive tools, and hopefully I’ll have time to convert the designs into something that the lower-end tools can read.

My machine shop contains the usual assortment of hand tools, as well as two CNC
mills, a lathe (conversion to CNC will be an upcoming project), band saw, drill press and so on.

My preferred operating system right now is Windows, but in some cases I may use
Linux. It isn’t my religion; I will use whatever tool is right for the job. I do find that the capabilities and quality of Windows surpasses that of Linux (no, I’m not interested in debating this!), and the capabilities and quality of commercial tools on Windows far surpasses that of free/open source tools (no, I’m not interested in debating that, either).

One other thing, because this blog is devoted to engineering, all units will be metric, not imperial. Even the British, who invented the imperial system, have abandoned it because it is just too retarded. I’m not going to help support the imperial system, and I hope it dies an ugly death as soon as possible.

When I get some spare time, I’ll update the masthead picture with something more
suitable to this site.


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  1. Wondering if you still get notificatinos of comments on this site ? I’d like to get in touch, but wonder, since teh site has only be active for one month… Is your LPC1343 now on a shelf ?

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